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tis the season for holiday parties! time to get the booze and party dresses on. so some things to keep in mind if attending a holiday party:

1. never show up empty-handed – booze or desserts are always great things to bring along

2. try the punch – it’s usually really good and has champagne in it

3. when in doubt underdress – better to be more on the casual side than to out dress the host

4. get the lay of the land – mingle and learn whos taken and single… dont be that girl who hits on a taken man

5. dont be that girl – don’t over drink! know your limit, no need to be sloppy drunk girl who embarrasses herself

6. camera ready – you never know when or where a picture will be snapped so be pretty and prepared

7. party shoes – most parties involve lots of standing and mingling so dont go wearing the 4 inch spike heals if you cant last in them. be smart wear smart

8. manners – introductions go a long way, and always thank the host!

9. dont forget to eat – there is probably little munchies around, don’t be afraid to have a few as you are drinking and we dont want you to be #5

10. last tip: if you do meet a fella, that night is not the night to go home with him. get a number and leave him wanting more

have fun! and be safe…

Note to Self: liquor before beer you’re in the clear



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so this past friday night i got insanely lucky that a friend had a bad day at work and decided to buy court side tickets to the celtics vs bulls game, and best of all selected me to go with! all i had to do was buy beers. i however did not find out the location of the seats till we were walking to them… i assumed we had bleachers. if i knew i would be able to touch the players i might have sexed up my look a bit more. when we arrived at our seats RIGHT behind the bulls bench i was sooo that girl that was like “NO F*CKING WAY!” way too loud in front of children.

so first thing i noticed was a kevin hart look a like behind me – i mean look & sound… so much so that i had to ask him if he really was him or not. I felt the need to do this because i had a few long staring moments and i felt i needed to justify that awkward moment. SIDE NOTE: for those of you who dont know, kevin hart is an amazingly funny comedian… utube him, you’ll love him and thank me for bringing him into your life. k back to story. so he just said i get that all the time and laughed… that wasnt a no. thankfully we had a smart phone on us and learned it wasnt him… the real kevin hart was at that moment having a show in CT.  but in the end we did make friends with this group of guys, who by the way were amazing at getting under the skin of ever bulls player! they are actually sponsored by bud! they are known as AllReady – Band of Buds.

around tip off… i spotted across the court my 5 yr old crush, donnie wahlberg from new kids on the block aka nkotb!!! at that moment the game blurred and my focus and camera was all about donnie! the security guard was the nicest guy and i made friends with him. i kept trying to get him to walkie-talkie someone and some how get donnie on my side of the court. I even tried to get the espn camera guy to do the dirty work for me. i was a desperate girl trying to make her inner 5 yr old dreams come true.

during half time he was taking pics with fans on his side of the court. this was a good sign, it means hes nice and there is hope! again i take every chance i get and snap tons of photos of him. and i realized i had a problem when i was becoming mad at the bulls coach for blocking my camera view of donnie. i took a break from stalking till the game was over… that would be my shot!

come the end of the game we hung around till the crowed disappeared as we were in a parking garage and waiting in the stadium was much better than in line. we got to see all the players and watch the interviews. even snagged a few plays and other papers left on the floor by the bulls. then the security guard made my night. he told me that donnie was going to leave out the same exit we would be using and told me to hang over there because he’d have no choice but to walk by me. he also said hes so nice and would happily take a photo with me. I did just as he instructed and…. my dream came true! donnie happily took a picture with me!!!!! i got to touch him!! i was giddy as all hell and was seriously taken over by my inner 5 yr old! i couldnt stop smiling. and kept repeating after he was a safe distance away that i had just met donnie wahlberg!!! even after we finally went to leave i saw him again and snapped a few more last chance photos.

i then texted everyone i knew. my friend tabitha had the best reply: you’re the coolest person i know! – oh hell yes i was in that moment!

Note to Self: dress to impress at sports games, you never know who you might meet

yes me and donnie… duh i’m the one whos hair you see on  his shoulder.


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buried somewhere in my office is a hot guy.  he is rarely spotted but when i do spy him i drool. he’s very tall, amazingly built and has a full head of dark luscious hair… and best of all preppy! my co-worker, Kory, and i have turned it into a kind of game. mainly because i just get way too excited when i see him and now we just need to play off of it. we have no idea what department he works in but have narrowed down what corner of the office his cube must be in (he’s in a good window area… lucky son of a bitch).

So every time he is spotted we now refer to him as the elusive gazelle. each day our encounters grow more frequent and physically closer. like today… if i were only one step slower we both would have crashed into each other while turning a blind corner at work… talk about a meet and greet. darn my luck. but there currently is a nod… and soon i hope a smile with a wink?

one day our paths will actually cross and involve conversation. but till then kory and i will enjoy the time of guessing his name and if he’s single or not. and its also fun conversation breaks for us too. helps the day go by faster.

Note to Self: no such thing as a bad hair day any more and must wear heals more as he’s tall


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another successful thanksgiving! traveled to DC to visit the folks. and no i was not felt up by any tsa agents, and had i been i would have expected – at the very least – to have been treated to a soda. we had our usual thanksgiving day DC traditional turkey meal at a beautiful restaurant – my mom has refused to cook since moving to DC.  my meal was a beautiful steak – no turkey or stuffing for me. the rest of the weekend was filled with the spy museum and other touristy things.

but amongst these travels to and from DC one thing has always been a constant, COUPLES EVERYWHERE! I dont know why i’m surprised by this since VA’s slogan is “Virginia is for lovers” – i’ll go ahead and assume DC is included in this. all ages are coupled off, from young co-eds to cute grandparents.

this constant is one of the many reasons I would love to return to live in DC. I love the fact that the city is in love! boston no so much. well at least not till you’re into your 30s do people seem to fall in love here. boston falls in love with careers first then a few years later than the south we fall in love. with only a few years left in my twenties i feel VA/DC has a better target love market. I mean while out this weekend guys bought us drinks and were like pouncing on us because we had no rings on our fingers… the odds were in our favor!

i think all this cold weather freezes us up and it isnt till out 30’s that we thaw out to the thought of love. the farther south you go the warmer it is and the quicker they get married. I find VA/DC to be the prefect temperature and love age range. If i were to go to far south at my age now it would be slim pickings as all those deep southerners tend to marry much younger and to their high school sweet hearts.

so i guess all i can do while located in boston is to wait for winter to pass and for all the men to thaw out.

Note to Self: Heres to an early spring!!!!!!


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ya not quite what you’re thinking. instead this is about your fitness. Surprise! so i finally caved and bought some fitness shoes… reebok easy tones. so the deal with these kicks are they tone your calf, thighs, and butt a bit faster than just with your average sneaker. these ones specifically are meant only for walking. and was we know i’ve become a runner, but its winter – less day light and colder temps mean i’ve got to hit the gym up again now.  I am not a treadmill runner (i’m one of those wabblers if i run and fear falling off the back of my treadmill), so i switch over to walking up hill as fast as i can.

saturday was my first go with these kicks. figured i wouldnt go to hard core with them on this attempt as reviews state your feet tend to hurt for the first couple of uses. well thats all lies! my feet felt fine. I think its people who just start working out who have issues adjusting. but come the end of my work out it wasnt my feet that were sore – it was my ass! you know that good pain you get after a great work out, well i had that!

took the kicks out sunday as well on a nice 3 mile speed walk outside. and again amazing. but i will say i did feel the urge to run but resisted as the shoes just are not made for running. they are crazy cushiony but that cushion does weigh more than my running shoes. and when you run distance you learn to love lighter shoes. i fear shin injuries with these if i were to run. but fret not if you really cant slow down to walk in them they do make a running version! i will not be testing those out though because i heart my running shoes and wouldnt trade them for the world!

so while i tone up my ass and thighs, i will keep my eyes open for guys at the gym. so come time to show my already amazing curves off… oh my butt will be even more amazing bootylicious than it already is! i’m finding this to be a win win. so instead of tripping up hot guys while out on runs for dates, i’ll now show off my ass in the gym for dates.

Note.to.Self: add Bottoms Up by Trey Songz to my workout playlist


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sooo remember sammy? well even though the dog won… or so i thought. sammy has been texting me for the past 2 weeks… so recap: we had the date with the dog reaction, then one week with no contact, and then the past 2 have been filled with him texting me random whatevers and me responding to maybe every 1 out of 6. clearly i’m showing no signs of this is going to work.

so i was checking out facebook yesterday and noticed that sammy is now in a relationship as of this past saturday! um he’s been texting me yet found time for a relationship? well good for him, but maybe bad for the new gf? you’d think he would have received the not interested hint and given up on me and put the effort from my texts towards the new lady friend? we weren’t friends prior to this interaction so it’s not like we were loosing anything by not staying friends.

any who to sum it up… boys – completely move on when someone is clearly not interested. and when you’re interested in someone new, dont half ass it by texting a clear no when you have a clear yes in front of you. its just awkward. and no we can not be friends! we were never friends!  nothing lost nothing gained… a clear break even call it quits situation. (oh yes he asked if we could still be friends)

Note.to.Self: isn’t it time i meet someone normal?


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my old stomping grounds…. northeastern